Our History

Beyond IVF was established in 2018 as a part of the Meko Group, a leading specialty medical provider for skin and beauty solutions with over 40 years history serving  the Thai and ASEAN markets.

Beyond IVF’s goal is to provide world-class medical care for patients having difficulty conceiving naturally, especially for older patients entering advanced maternity age. Led by our Medical Director, Dr. Phunsak Suchonwanit, and using a combination of the latest in-vitro fertilization technologies and techniques, we strive to provide couples with effective and meaningful fertility outcomes.

Dr. Phunsak Suchonwanit

  • Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, 1993

  • Diploma of Thai Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, 1999

  • Fellowship for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Boston IVF, Maryland

World-class Laboratory

Unlike centers that may reside in commercial office buildings, our IVF center and laboratory is 100% owned by Beyond IVF and the Meko Group, including the land the center sits upon, allowing us the freedom to operate independently of any building restrictions and ensuring the stability of the center well into the future.

As we own both the center and the surrounding property, we have the ability to run a full back-up diesel generator on-site without interruption continuously in case of power interruptions/blackouts, ensuring the safety of your eggs and embryos.

Due to the continuous, 24×7 nature of an IVF center, our power requirements can be substantial, but thanks to the abundant sunshine available to us in Thailand, we utilize almost no electricity during daylight hours due to our expansive, roof-top solar panels.

Our laboratory is located on our premises and is built to the highest standards, including features such as a positive pressure air lock and carbon filters in our HVAC system to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the key element in deteriorating embryo quality

Our primary IVF laboratory is a certified Class 1,000 clean room utilizing HEPA filters, well exceeding the required minimum specification as specified by the Thai Ministry of Health.

A stable laboratory environment, including the gas supplies required to culture and sustain embryos, is monitored 24×7 by an automated laboratory control system that will automatically send alerts to lab staff when key parameters are exceeded.

Dual lighting modes in our laboratory ensure that culturing embryos are kept in the most natural setting possible that mimic natural light, while our the walls and floors are anti-static, ensuring dust is kept to a minimum.

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Beyond IVF
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