Beyond IVF review ICSI Dr.Ton Bangkok

4 IUI cycles, 2 IVF cycles and 1 Little Miracle on the 1st try at Beyond IVF!

Before our successful attempt at Beyond IVF, we had actually tried a combination of four IUI and two IVF treatments at another fertility clinic in Bangkok, but ultimately we had no success, with our embryos not receiving a passing grade after chromosome testing.  We had become extremely disappointed and were quite frankly discouraged in attempting another assisted fertility cycle, until a close friend had recommended Dr. Ton (Phunsak)  at Beyond IVF, where they had recently gotten pregnant after a successful IVF treatment.  At the time, I was quite hesitant due to our past results, but after our initial conversation with Dr. Ton, I was put at ease and thus we decided to try one final time.

From the very beginning, Dr. Ton was extremely attentive, a marked change from our prior experiences at other centers.  Our stimulation plan was carefully monitored at every step, including adjustments in stimulation medication as we progressed through the stimulation phase to adjust for how quickly my eggs were maturing in the ovaries.  Post-stimulation, the ovum pick-up procedure went as smoothly as I expected, with minimal pain post-op.  Ultimately, thanks to Beyond IVF’s laboratory, we managed a total of 10 embryos which had made it to the blastocyst stage and had passed chromosome testing with flying colors.

Post-embryo transfer, we held our breathe and prayed, and ultimately we were successful and I managed to finally conceive, thanks to Dr. Ton and the staff at Beyond IVF!

Treatment Method: IVF (In-vitro Fertilization)

Additional Services 

  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • NGS (Next-generation Sequencing)

How was your experience at Beyond IVF?

  • Customized stimulation plan with adjustments mid-cycle
  • Dr. Ton personally followed up with us to explain even our blood test results
  • Highly professional all around, from the front-desk to the nurses