IVF and ICSI: What is the difference?


Infertility can be caused by several factors, such as health issues, age, and lifestyle. Treatment for infertility uses medical techniques to replace unsuccessful natural conception and increase the chances of fertilization.  For families that have tried for a long time to become pregnant, but have no succeeded, there are assisted reproductive [...]

IVF and ICSI: What is the difference?2022-08-22T10:52:19+07:00

Sex Selection with IVF/ICSI


In Thailand it is illegal to choose your child’s sex, but chromosomal testing of embryos (next generation sequencing or NGS) before transfer will reveal an embryo’s sex. Chromosomal testing not only reveals abnormalities or indicates health of the embryo, it also reveals if the embryo has XX (female) chromosomes or XY [...]

Sex Selection with IVF/ICSI2022-06-13T17:37:03+07:00

Beyond IVF Leads in 100% Complete Chromosomal Testing


When a client decides with their doctor to test embryos for chromosomal abnormalities in a process called next-generation sequencing (NGS), an essential step in the process is the collection and delivery of cells from the embryo.This involves first removing the specific cells, preparing them appropriately to preserve their quality, and transporting them [...]

Beyond IVF Leads in 100% Complete Chromosomal Testing2022-06-10T16:45:15+07:00

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