Chromosomal Testing

When a client decides with their doctor to test embryos for chromosomal abnormalities in a process called next-generation sequencing (NGS), an essential step in the process is the collection and delivery of cells from the embryo.

This involves first removing the specific cells, preparing them appropriately to preserve their quality, and transporting them to the laboratory. Your embryos are in the best hands with our team of experts at Beyond IVF.

Source: Next Generation Genomic (NGG,

Leader in delivering 100% undamaged embryo sample for chromosomal testing!

Information from Next Generation Genomic from 2021 demonstrated that from all the embryo samples submitted for testing from different clinics and hospitals, the samples submitted by Beyond IVF are the most complete – at 100%!

In this regard, Beyond IVF ranks #1 among all other centers in Thailand. This led to the most accurate results from chromosomal testing of embryos.

The benefits of chromosomal testing of complete samples include accurate results, consistency in the doctor’s diagnosis, and higher chances of success in achieving a healthy pregnancy.

When samples are incomplete, DNA analysis is inconsistent, DNA quality is compromised, and chromosomal analysis is inaccurate.

Embryo Sample Collection

  1. Our embryologist removes certain cells from the embryo in a process called an embryo biopsy.
  2. The removed cells (trophectoderm biopsy cell) are placed in a test tube prepared with a specific solution.
  3. When the cells have been loaded, the embryologist will amplify the cells to increase DNA for analysis of the embryo’s chromosomes.
  4. Every step in this procedure involves checking and rechecking information in the paperwork and the containers to prevent mistakes. The client’s name and their details are clearly labeled, including the number of embryos that were biopsied for testing.

Testing Procedure

At Beyond IVF we send the samples for testing immediately after they are collected. We do not freeze our samples or take our time in transporting the samples as to ensure that the cells are in perfect condition.

The samples are transported in waiting vehicles designed especially for this process and that are available at all times.

Beyond IVF’s Expertise

Every step of the embryo testing process is done in medical facilities and by highly qualified experts. You can be assured that we take your care very seriously. We meet international standards for treatment and testing, with scientists that make sure mistakes do not happen.