icsi successful case

icsi successful case

The client tried to become pregnant for 10 years, starting when they were quite young, but could never become pregnant. In her 30’s she realized that if she simply kept trying and waiting, she might never become pregnant.

She began looking at options to treat infertility until she discovered intrauterine insemination (IUI) at Beyond IVF. She consulted with Dr. Ton and let him know she was interested in trying IUI first because she felt she was young enough to be a candidate for this procedure:

  • Just entering infertility
  • Female partner not over 35
  • Fallopian tubes are not blocked or narrowed
  • Sperm is of good quality

Due to hormonal imbalances in the client while trying to become pregnant, IUI was unsuccessful. The client was determined to keep trying.

Dr. Ton explained that the only way to manage hormones when trying to get pregnant is to undergo ICSI because the procedure involved hormone checks every three days before and after transferring the embryo to design the best treatment plan for the client (a technique specific to Beyond IVF) for the highest chances of success.

Before starting the ICSI process, Dr. Ton asked the client to take three months to rehabilitate her body according to his recommendations to prepare her uterus and hormones for the transfer of embryos.

After three months, when her cycle started, the client was asked to return for ovarian stimulation. The client had 12 eggs that could be fertilized using ICSI and 5 developed into blastocysts (day 5). All passed NGS.

Two weeks after transferring the embryo, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels indicated a successful pregnancy, just after one ICSI cycle!

icsi review beyondivf
Treatment: ICSI

Additional Techniques: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Client’s Review: Thank you to Dr. Ton and the team at Beyond IVF. We have dreamed of growing our family for 10 years and our dream has now come true. If you are trying to become pregnant and losing hope, come by and consult with Beyond IVF. I highly recommend it.