icsi twin pregnancy

icsi twin pregnancy

This client was 47 years old, a record holder at Beyond IVF, who became successfully pregnant after ICSI with Dr. Ton, and with twins!

The client had tried for over 10 years to become pregnant but was not successful. She explored assisted reproductive technologies and attempted intrauterine insemination (IUI) twice, unsuccessfully. She tried ICSI once and her embryos only made it to the third day (cleavage stage) and were transferred into the uterus, but it was also unsuccessful. That’s when the client decided to try a different place for treatment.

The client participated in the seminar held by Beyond IVF to provide information to those experiencing infertility who were looking for treatment options and was chosen for a private consultation with Dr. Ton. After the consultation, the doctor recommended both partners to prepare their bodies to balance their hormones to facilitate the next ICSI cycle.

After one year the client returned to Dr. Ton to begin the ICSI process, after spending the year following Dr. Ton’s advice on becoming healthy and preparing for treatment (a technique specific to Beyond IVF). When both partners’ hormones were measured, they were found to be in the normal range, ready for treatment.

After 10 days of ovarian stimulation, Dr. Ton scheduled the client for an ultrasound to monitor the ovaries. There were 10 eggs measuring 18-20 mm. Dr. Ton scheduled egg collection immediately as 10 is considered a significant number of eggs for the client’s age.

Once fertilized, five embryos made it to the blastocyst stage at five days. The client was delighted and believed the embryos made it to day 5 because of Dr. Ton’s recommendations and his special treatment techniques.

Dr. Ton recommended the embryos undergo NGS to increase the chances of a successful pregnant as the method will screen out any embryos with chromosomal abnormalities and any low-quality embryos.

After the screening two high-quality embryos remained and Dr. Ton recommended transferring both (medical reason). The client was impressed that Dr. Ton consulted with the client regarding the transfer and there was no coercion or rushing.

Before the transfer, Dr. Ton designed a treatment technique specific to the client to adjust her hormone levels and her uterine lining to support the embryo transfer and encourage implantation.

Fifteen days after the transfer Dr. Ton scheduled the client to come in to check her hCG levels. Her hCG was 6194.18 mIU/mL, a confirmation of pregnancy! To be sure Dr. Ton scheduled the client for an ultrasound after three days to look for the yolk sac.

It was good news for the family and the doctor when the ultrasound showed two yolk sacs! “It’s twins,” confirmed Dr. Ton.

icsi twin success

Treatment: ICSI

Additional Techniques: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Client’s Review: I am so happy! Dr. Ton is very skilled. I didn’t imagine we would see two yolk sacs and be pregnant with twins. Just one would have been a dream come true. Beyond IVF is fantastic, everyone is so lovely, and Dr. Ton is very talented.