icsi with stored embryos

icsi with stored embryos

This client became interested in treatment for infertility when she was 35 years old. She felt sure she would have a hard time getting pregnant because she had been trying for two years with no success. But at the time the client lived overseas and it wasn’t convenient for her to be in Thailand.

She joined an online seminar by Dr. Ton, organized by Beyond IVF during the COVID-10 pandemic for families who were beginning to explore their options and were looking for more information.

After attending this seminar, the client became more interested in treatment options based on Dr. Ton’s experience and the many reviews of success, increasing her confidence in Beyond IVF.

After a year the client was able to return to Thailand, but not for very long, and so she rushed to Beyond IVF to consult with Dr. Ton. Fortunately it was the second day of the client’s cycle (hormone assessment for treatment must be done on the second day of a cycle and not beyond the third day) so the client asked Dr. Ton to carry out a health assessment to determine the best treatment option for a successful pregnancy.

After the health assessment Dr. Ton recommended ICSI because it was a process that could be carefully controlled. Dr. Ton prescribed 10 days of ovarian stimulation. The preliminary ultrasound showed normal follicles (a normal ovary should have 6-10 egg follicles). The client was very happy that there was hope in this treatment. After ovarian stimulation was completed, ultrasound showed 13 eggs. After two days Dr. Ton scheduled egg collection.

Even though several eggs were collected, only 4 became blastocysts on day 5. The client was impatient and wanted to transfer an embryo immediately because she needed to return overseas, but Dr. Ton recommended sending the embryos for NGS to screen for chromosomal abnormalities first for the highest chances of success.

After NGS only one embryo passed the screening. Dr. Ton explained that even though there was only one embryo, it was of excellent quality and there was a high chance of success once transferred. The client was very happy with Dr. Ton’s treatment and how thorough he was through every step of the process, never rushing just to get treatment over with.

The client did not have time to transfer the embryo in the next cycle so Dr. Ton recommended freezing the embryo, and while the client was overseas, to care for her health according to Dr. Ton’s recommendations (a treatment technique specific to Dr. Ton at Beyond IVF). The embryo can be frozen for one year before the client flies back to Thailand for the transfer.

At that point Dr. Ton would do another health assessment to plan for the transfer of the golden embryo. Even though the client only had one embryo, Dr. Ton was confident that it would result in a successful pregnancy. The client did a great job preparing her body for the transfer as all test results were normal.

The day of the transfer was both exciting and stressful as the client worried the embryo wouldn’t implant, but Dr. Ton explained that he would be using embryo glue with the transfer and guaranteed the embryo would implant. The transfer went well and the client had no side effects. Dr. Ton asked the client to come to the clinic every three days to measure hormone levels so any imbalances could be corrected right away.

Eighteen days after the transfer the client’s hCG levels were measured and they were as expected, indicating a high chance of pregnancy. Three days later Dr. Ton did an ultrasound to look for the yolk sac, confirming pregnancy. The golden embryo did not disappoint, with one yolk sac on the scan. The client was very happy with this treatment that helped her become a mother.

icsi success stored embryos

Treatment: ICSI

Additional Techniques: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Client’s Review: I had never received treatment anywhere else and I am so happy I chose Dr. Ton and Beyond IVF as my first option, and now I get to be a mother for the first time. Dr. Ton is very thorough with the treatment process. Even when I was overseas Dr. Ton asked the staff to check on me regularly. All the staff at Beyond IVF are very sweet and the location is great, making me confident to receive treatment here. I’ll be back for my next baby!