Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a very popular treatment option for infertility in younger families as it is more affordable than other assisted reproductive technologies like IVF and ICSI. And Beyond IVF, IUI begins at 30,000 baht per cycle.

Get to know about IUI

IUI involves injecting healthy sperm into the uterus. This technique most closely resembles natural conception but is 15% more likely to succeed in younger families where the sperm can fertilize the egg on its own.

IUI treatment package cost

IUI is affordable and at Beyond IVF it costs 30,000 baht per cycle. This is much more reasonable than the cost of IVF/ICSI, which starts at 300,000 baht.

Who should consider IUI?

  • You have just begun looking into options to treat infertility
  • The female partner is younger than 35
  • The fallopian tubes are not narrowed or blocked
  • The male partner has sperm that meets the criteria for successful IUI

What will you get from this IUI fertility package?

At Beyond IVF, the IUI package includes:

  1. Medication to stimulate the ovaries, as prescribed by the doctor
  2. Trigger shot to cause ovulation
  3. Two ultrasounds to monitor egg development
  4. Sperm collection and preparation as well as the insemination process
  5. All doctor fees during the process
  6. All medical and laboratory fees
  7. All equipment fees

The IUI package cost does not include..

The IUI package does not include our health screening to get ready for conception, which costs 9,900 baht.

Payment Method

The cost of IUI is 20,000 baht per cycle and is due at the beginning of the treatment process, which starts with medication to stimulate the ovaries. Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Domestic credit card
  • Foreign credit card

The IUI process at Beyond IVF

iui treatment cost

Step one: Doctor consultation

The doctor will explain the procedure and preparation and set up the treatment plan. (Please see the doctor before your period.)

Step two: Ovarian stimulation

You will take medication to stimulate your ovaries on the second or third day of your period.

Step three: Ultrasound

The doctor will perform an ultrasound to check on the number and size of eggs, and once the eggs are the desired size, a trigger shot will be administered to cause ovulation. Intrauterine insemination will be performed 24-40 hours after that, when ovulation occurs.

Step four: Preparing sperm

When the eggs are ready, the doctor will schedule the male partner for sperm collection and preparation for IUI. Sperm is treated in the laboratory and only the healthiest sperm are chosen for preparation.

Step five: Insemination

On the same day, when the sperm is collected and prepared, the doctor will inject the sperm into the uterus and will wait for a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks.

Step six: Pregnancy test

About two to three weeks after IUI, a pregnancy test can be carried out.

IUI treatment at Beyond IVF

iui treatment beyondivf

These days technologies to treat infertility have progressed to where there are many options to help families conceive. When choosing a place to undergo intrauterine insemination it is important that the clinic or hospital is clean and safe, with doctors who are experts in the field. Beyond IVF meets all these requirements.

Our doctor is a fertility expert and an obstetrician and gynecologist with credentials from Ramathibodi Hospital that guarantee his knowledge and experience. Furthermore, our clinic maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, with a high-quality team always available to answer your questions and world-class technology identical to many big hospitals. We offer several treatment options for infertility, whether it be egg freezing or IVF/ICSI.

Dr. Phunsak Suchonwanit, Beyond IVF’s fertility specialist

iui cost bangkok

Dr. Phunsak “Ton” Suchonwanit is our fertility specialist at Beyond IVF, with more than 20 years of experience supporting couples in their journey to becoming parents, with the following credentials to guarantee his expertise:

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, 1993
  • Diploma of the Thai Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Reproductive Technology Specialist, The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Work training in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) at Boston IVF in Maryland, USA

IUI Success Case at Beyond IVF

iui price

In this case the female partner was 31 years old and was experiencing infertility as she had been trying for many years to become pregnant. After doing research about assisted reproductive technologies, she decided to visit Beyond IVF for a fertility screening. Dr. Phunsak recommended IUI along with a special technique designed for the individual patient after fertility screening along with ovarian stimulation and balancing the hormones, with the goal of increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy as much as possible. From the last ultrasound, Dr. Phunsak confirmed that she was pregnant.

intrauterine insemination cost

This patient had done many rounds of IUI at another clinic, but they were all unsuccessful. So she decided to consult with Dr. Phunsak and undergo a fertility screening at Beyond IVF. Dr. Phunsak recommended IUI again after reviewing the results of the screening as he believed it was still worth trying, but he designed a new technique. The patient was able to become pregnant with IUI at Beyond IVF.

sperm insemination costs

This patient tried for over a year to become pregnant, even after tracking ovulation. She decided to come in and consult with Dr. Phunsak at Beyond IVF for family planning. After the results of the health screening were released, Dr. Phunsak recommended IUI. It was successful and the patient is happily pregnant.

Learn more about IUI treatment

IUI is a popular procedure for the treatment of infertility and the first step on the road of assisted reproductive technologies. It has few complications, good success in the right candidates, and is affordable in comparison with IVF and ICSI.

However, there are many factors that attribute to the success of IUI, be it the age of both partners, the health of the egg and sperm, as well as the uterine lining on the day of the insemination. Thus, it is important to undergo treatment with a doctor who is an expert in the field and a facility with the right tools and equipment to support your journey.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us on Line at @beyondivf