review IUI Dr.Phunsak IVF Bangkok

We had a wonderful and unforgettable experience with Dr. Ton Phunsak and all of the team at Beyond IVF.

Our initial consultation with Dr. Phunsak was so informative and helpful to us and our situation. Dr. Phunsak explained all of our options and really made us feel like we could be positive about the journey we were to take.

The whole process of taking initial tests to choosing IUI as our treatment was straightforward and stress-free.  We felt well informed about the IUI process and this made us feel at ease when we had our IUI procedure.  On the day we had our IUI procedure we felt a little nervous, however, as soon as we arrived at Beyond IVF our nerves had eased.  This was thanks to the calming atmosphere of the clinic and to the friendly, caring staff that took care of us.

The procedure was smooth and we felt very comforted by our Dr. Phunsak.  His friendly, positive energy helped us to also feel positive and relaxed.

We then, 2 weeks later, found out we were pregnant! Dr. Phunsak has been our doctor throughout our entire pregnancy and we are so happy every time we meet with him.

We highly recommend Dr. Phunsak and Beyond IVF!